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Welcome to Side-Eight Software

Our goal is to build the absolute best learning software at the best price. From Memorize-It Flashcards to Word By Word, we are working hard to make sure you learn faster and have better comprehension of the material you need to know. All of our software is available with a free trial period. This is a full version, not some crippled demoware. Give it a try, we know you'll like it or we'll give you your money back*.

Memorize·It flashcards will help you increase your learning speed. It has been used, loved and refined since 1992. We've spent years and years working with our customers and constantly striving to make Memorize·It flashcards the most robust and feature rich flashcard application of its kind. Don't settle for an imitator when you can use the original and still the best. Try it for free for 15 days and see why thousands of people rate Memorize-It the best learning tool of it's kind. Buy Now, only $25.

All the decks on the complete collection CDROM are now available for free download.


With WordByWord, you will quickly memorize any kind of textual information and be able to recite it on demand. Amaze people with your knowledge. Created especially to memorize Bible verse, poetry and lyrics. You could also use this for threatre or any kind of textual information you need to know by heart. Buy Now, Only $19.99.



Side-Eight is the developer and distributor of Memorize·It flashcards for Windows. Side-Eight has taken learning to a higher level with the first multimedia flashcard application of its kind. Side-Eight has been on the cutting edge of multimedia flashcard software for students since its founding in 1992. All those years of experience behind our backs and no plans of stopping there. Make sure to try out our WebQuizzer. Connect your flashcards to your web site with Java.


How to Contact Side-Eight Software

For technical support, please visit our support page before calling. E-Mail will receive a much faster response than phone for all support. Read the support page for more information.

For all other inquiries:
FAX: 714-892-0770
P.O. Box 5004
Garden Grove, CA 92846

* no questions asked money back guarantee within 90 days of purchase.

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