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    Memorize-It allows you to easily create your own decks of electonic flashcards using Pictures, Text, Graphics and Sound in four different formats: Honor System, Multiple Choice, True or False and Type-In.  You can even have a Hint and Why with each format.  Memorize-It allows quizzing and even keeps track of the hardest cards so teachers/students can focus on those for greater efficiency.  For example, an English word (with sound) is on one side and a foreign language equivalent (with sound) is on the other.  This allows you to see the spelling as well as hear the pronunciation.  You can also flip over the deck and quiz from foreign language to English.  The sound input device is used to annotate each card with sound.  You can even import word processing files to expedite creating decks.  You can also print them on four different sizes of Avery perforated paper (and regular paper).  Last but not least, you can take a test (automatically graded) and print it out for review.