System Information

 This manual assumes you are familiar with basic Window terminology such as the mouse, the standard printing procedures and the file system.   You should read the owner’s manual if you are new to the environment.


 Memorize-It has the following minimum system requirements:

1. Windows 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP or higher.

2.  Two (2) megabyte of memory recommended.

3.  Four (4) megabyte free hard disk space.

4. Sound input requires a custom sound board installed, e.g., Sound Blaster, its driver installed and configured, and a microphone.

Installation Instructions

1. Download the latest version of the quizzer from the Side-Eight website.

2. Install the quizzer by running the installer you downloaded from the web site.

3. The Memorize-It Icon then appears on the screen when the installation is complete.  Double-click the Icon to run the program.  The first time you run Memorize-It you will be required to type in your name, organization and a serial number. If you do not type a serial number, the program will only allow you to view and quiz decks.