Opening and Creating Decks and Cards

     Select File/Open to open an existing deck.  A standard file open dialog box will allow you to open the existing deck (or file).  Once the deck is open, a Deck List Window will appear with all the card titles.  Select File/Save As... from the menu to save the current deck with a different name.  Use File/Save to save the deck.  File/Save is only active when a change has been made to the deck.

Creating a New Card

     Select the New button from the Deck List window, or Card/New Card from the main menu, and a new window will appear with a blank card.  Use the drawing tools to create the information you want on the front of the card (see Drawing Tool Section below).  Select the Back button and use the drawing tools again.  At any time you can view the other side of the card by pressing either the Front or Back button.

     Each card should have a unique, recognizable title.  The New card button automatically creates an “Untitled Card #” title.  To change the title, select the Title button and enter the card title into the title dialog box.  If you forget to set the title, re-edit the card (see Editing a Card below).  You can also set the card number and category from the card information dialog box.  Card may also be numbered and placed into categories for sorting.  Create new categories from the Deck List window.

     Sound is available if you meet the system information requirements.  Select the Card/Sound Recorder... menu while you are creating or editing a card and a sound dialogue box will appear.

Pause Record Play
& Stop & Stop

     There are three buttons that allow you to record and play back files in the sound recorder dialog box.  The left button is the Pause button.  You may press Pause while recording or playing a sound.  The middle button is the Record (& Record Stop) button.  Once you have pressed the Record button, the button will change to a Stop button and vis-à-vis.  To start, press the Record button and speak into the microphone.  Recording a new sound will overwrite any previous recording.  The dialog box also provides other information such as recorder position, length, and size, and a status of Idle..., Recording..., or Playing...  After recording, click the Record Stop bottom, then click the Play button to hear the sound.  The Play button will also change to a Stop button and vis-à-vis.  These dual functional buttons allow you to start and stop without searching out the proper button to press.  When you are done, press Ok to save the sound or Cancel to ignore any recording.

     Sounds will create a temporary file on the hard disk which contains Windows.  Failure to have sufficient space on that disk drive may result in unknown results.

Editing a Card

 Click on the title of the card you want to edit and select the Edit button from the Deck List Window, or Card/Edit Card from the main menu.  The Edit Window will then appear with the selected card.  You can also double click on the card title to obtain the Edit Window.  You can edit text, drawings and sound from this window.

Deleting a Card

  Select the title of the card you wish to delete from the Deck List Window (multiple cards can also be selected by holding down the shift key while dragging with the mouse).  When the cards you wish to delete have been selected, press the Delete button, or select the Card/Delete Card from the main menu.  The cards will then be removed from the deck.