Deck Menu Information

Show Scores

    This allows viewing or hiding the card deck scores in the Deck List Window.


    This allows shuffling all cards in a deck.

Flip Deck

   This allows flipping the deck over, e.g., fronts to back and backs to front.  This is a very important item in learning foreign languages.  For example, you could have an English word (with sound) on one side and a foreign language equivalent (with sound) on the other.  This allows you to quiz from English to foreign language or foreign language to English.

Reset Scores

    This allows you to reset a quiz score to zero.

Center All Text

    This allows centering all text in a deck of flachcards.

Set Category

    This allows setting the category for all the selected cards in the List Window.  Simply select the cards which you want to change the category for and select Set Category.  A dialog box will allow you to choose the category of your choice.  Select the category, press Ok, and all the currently selected cards will be changed to that category.

Edit Categories

    A dialog box will allow creating new categories, editing existing categories or deleting them.

Renumber Cards...

    A dialog box will appear and ask what the starting number is, and what increment to use between cards.  The numbering order will be in the current order of the cards displayed.  Only the cards in the Card Titles area of the window will be numbered in their displayed sequence.  The starting number and increment may be negative.


    This allows sorting cards in the following six ways:

            By Category Name
            By Category Number
            By Card Title
            By Card Number
            Categories by Name
            Categories by Number