Memorize-It WebQuizzer Installation Documentation

With Memorize-It and Memorize-It WebQuizzer you can publish flashcards on any subject on the Internet. The decks of flashcards are the same files created with MemorizeIt for Windows. The WebQuizzer distribution includes information needed in connecting flashcards to a web page. This requires only minor changes to existing html files. The installation should be very simple and straight forward.

Side-Eight has created a demonstration page with a number of different subjects which include Pictures, Text and Sound on flashcards. Subjects included in the first release of Side-Eight's demonstration page include: Anatomy, U.S. Geography, U.S. History, World Geography, Spelling, GRE English Vocabulary, GRE Antonyms, Baseball, College Sports, Flags of the Americas, Greek and Roman Gods, Art History, Multiplication Tables, Periodic Table Elements, Spanish, French, German, and even Morse Code.

Memorize-It is the popular multimedia flashcard application for students and teachers. Memorize-It allows you to create your own decks of flashcards incorporating text, sound, pictures and drawings. Using several testing methods: multiple choice, true/false, type-in and honor system, Memorize-It can be used for any subject from preschool to medical school. Cards can be easily moved between decks or copied to build new decks. Interactive quizzing automatically keeps track of the hardest cards and allows you to focus on them. Decks can be printed front and back on many styles of card stock paper. Later versions include the ability to test yourself on any subject matter. By using Memorize-It, you can study or teach any subject.


If you request to receive a copy of the Memorize-It WebQuizzer, you will receive a zip file with all the necessary components.

  1. Make a sub directory on your web server and install all the files in the zip file.
  2. Look at the sample html files (qzrList.html and qzrDeck.html) which show the applet tags to use with the WebQuizzer. These represent two different ways to configure the WebQuizzer. The first will host a list of decks, the second will show a single deck. See the two sections below depending on which style you would like to have on your website.

Lists of Decks (qzrList.html)

    1. Edit the file listed as "filelist" in the applet parameters. The file contains one line for each deck to host. It is a colon delimited line with the english description of the file and the computer file name.
    2. Modify the sample html file and demoDeckList.txt files to suit your specific needs.

A sample tag would look something like this:

<applet code="qzrApplet.class" archive="webquizzer-4-0-1-ob.jar" width=400 height=200>
<PARAM NAME="filelist" VALUE="demoDeckList.txt">

The PARAM NAME="filelist" represents the list of files that are hosted on this site. In this case the demoDeckList.text file holds the list of decks.

Single Deck (qzrDeck.html)

1. Modify the "deck" parameter to specify the file you would like to have quiz on your website.

<applet code="qzrApplet.class" archive="webquizzer-4-0-1-ob.jar" width=400 height=350>
< PARAM NAME="deck" VALUE="vincent.dek">
< /applet>

The PARAM NAME="deck" represents that the file vincent.dek will be the file opened for quizzing.

Complete Parameter List

Given the applet tag <PARAM NAME="name" VALUE="value" The following are valid parameters and values for the Memorize-It WebQuizzer:

filelist text file name

A file name containing a colon delimited list of decks which will be listed in the WebQuizzer. Each line of the file is a separate deck. Each line has the description of the deck, a colon and the filename of the deck.


Vincent VanGogh:vincent.dek
Multiplication Table (x13):multi13.dek

The two files vincent.dek and multi13.dek will be listed in the WebQuizzer using the text before the colon to describe the deck in the menu.

deck text file name For single deck quizzing. The deck will be opened and quizzed on the webpage. If both filelist and deck parameters are given, the deck parameter will be ignored
noe true or false A way to turn off the e option on multiple choice decks. By default this option is false.

If you have any questions or problems with this, or need help setting it up. Please feel free to call us or e-mail. E-mail is easier for us as we check it more often if we are not near the phone. It is not a problem for us to call you back and help get this working.

Side-Eight can be reached at 800-356-3316, or
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