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Memorize·It The Complete Collection

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Back in 1992 when we first started selling Memorize·It, people kept asking us to create the cards for them. While this is the exact opposite of how we envisioned the software being used we took our customer's advice (as usual, all our upgrades are driven by customer advice), and started creating decks of flashcards with Memorize·It. We still think that the best way to use MemorizeIt is to create your own cards with exactly the information YOU are interested in. So be it, we take customer's advice very seriously.

Side-Eight has been using Memorize·It to create customized decks of flashcards to save you time. All of the decks in this listing were created using the standard version of Memorize·It and could be easily created by any person using Memorize·It.

In the past we sold each of these decks of flashcards on individual diskettes. All of these flashcards are available now for immediate download on our web site


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