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Don't just take our word for it. Here are some of the things users and magazine reviewers have said about Memorize·It.


These are some of the many comments we receive on our registration cards.

"I wish you could know how much I use your program! I use it at least once a week in my classes, and many of my students have me copy my lists for them onto a floppy and they download the quizzer." S. Shaffer, K-12 teacher, Avon, IN

"I am very impressed with your service and very thankful for the CD. I am a 64 year old studying Spanish, and I found your program great for making my own flashcards, but was delighted to find those on the CD with the spoken words - - - Thanks again for your kind service--it's quite a different thing from what we are used to when it comes to software." H. Wolfe, Miami FL

“Cool Program – Good for memorizing languages.” A. Silk, San Diego, CA

“Nice Software.” B. Cowan, Little Rock, AK

"Your software helped me through graduate school." Dave M..

“Excellent product to work with; very user friendly.” C. Moore, Secaucus, NJ

“I have been looking for just this type program. I am so glad to have found you.” C. Stroot, Channelview, TX

“Fabulous Idea - Love the sound.” M. Giaimo, Chagrin Falls, OH

We also receive comments on how to make Memorize·It better. We use these comments when deciding on which features to add for future updates. reviewed our quiz only version of Memorize·It and gave us a 5 star (5 Gold Disk) Award. If you are a skeptic like me, they do have 3 and 4 star awards as well.


Jerry Pournelle - Chaos Manor
Byte Magazine

Memorize·It, for both Mac and Windows, makes electronic flashcards which can include art and sound. It also does quizzes. I made 3x5 flashcards by hand when I was learning things, but I think it's nifty. Recommended.


Author: Maria Perry
Homeschool PC Magazine

Do you ever get tired of drilling math facts or state capitols? Then Memorize·It is for you! It will flip flashcards for hours on end and never tire and is specifically designed for those subjects that require memorization, drill, or review.

Let's say you want to drill the periodic table of elements. So pretend you begin with a blank, untitled deck of "cards." Give your deck a name - table of elements. Type "What does 'Au' stand for?" on the front of the card. (The answer is "gold." by the way.) Click "Back" and type the answer.

Since the time of this review we have created decks of periodic table flashcards available for sale online. These decks cover all aspects of the periodic table. Only $0.99

You can choose true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, or honor system. Under the honor system, you answer aloud and flip the computer card over to see if their answer is correct. It will ask you if you answered correctly and record how you did. Next time you may want to drill the cards with a 50 percent or less success rate. Maybe you'll want to drill only the medium hard ones. You choose.

The possibilities for new creations are endless. How about a fill-in-the-blank set for spelling rules? Or make Bible trivia cards.

A set of drawing tools and a wide range of fill patterns are available to decorate your works of art. My only complaint is that there are no colors, so the screen is a bit drab. But wait! You can import pictures (with or without colors) and text, add sound to your cards, or import word files, using a specific format.

What happens if you get tired of computer drilling? Print them on plain sheets of paper or Avery index cards of various sizes. Cut or separate at the perforations. Now you can do it the old-fashioned way.

Sample decks come with the program and include: Spanish, German, and French with sound; art history; math; chemistry; U.S. capitals; vocabulary and more. Side-Eight also offers a catalog with pre-designed decks on disk and CD.

Memorize·It won't make flashcards more fun than a day at the beach, but if you need to drill, then do it the high-tech way.
- Maria Perry

Education ****
Motivation ***
Usability ***
Wholesomeness *****


OC Student Magazine

Exams test you on what you recall, what you understand about what you recall, and how you can work with what you recall. Each aspect has at its core your recall, i.e., your memory.

Since repitition is the mother of learning, one way to build your recall is by testing over and over again. One approach to that is by using flashcards: those you make up yourself, canned ones or software created ones.

Here's a look at a combination software canned cards approach to develop and strengthen your recall.

What is Memorize·It?

Memorize·It is a multimedia flashcard application that allows you to create your own decks of flashcards incorporating sound, text, pictures, drawing and even video. Using several testing methods: Multiple Choice, True/False, Type-in and Honor System, Memorize·It can be used for any subject from preschool to medical school. Cards can be easily moved between decks or copied to build new decks. Interactive quizzing with Memorize·It tracks your hardest cards so you can focus on those areas for greater efficiency. Decks can be printed front and back on five styles of perforated card stock paper. By using a program like this you can study or teach any subject. Memorize·It allows you to easily create the cards with exactly the information you need to study.

For example, an English word (with sound) is on one side and a foreign language equivalent (with sound) is on the other. This allows you to see the spelling as well as hear the pronunciation. You can flip over the deck and quiz from foreign language to English. The sound input device is used to annotate each card with sound. You can even import word processing files to expedite creating decks. (Have you used your microphone for anything useful yet?) You can print them on four different sizes of Avery perforated paper (and regular paper). The flashcard data files are interchangeable on the Macintosh and Windows platforms - a truly cost saving approach.

Creating your own flashcards

In most cases, creating the flashcards with Memorize·It is faster than doing it by hand! All the tools you need are included to quickly create your own flashcards. Card editing features allow you to place pictures, text, drawing, sound and video on any card. All the standard drawing tools and patterns are also included.

The second way to create whole decks is by using a word processor. You create a text file with all the cards included and import the file into Memorize·It. All the cards are created automatically and Memorize·It centers all the text for you.

Pre-School to Med-School: Memorize·It Subjects

Here are some of the subjects in which Memorize·It is already being used: Anatomy, Art History, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, CPA, English, Flags of the World, French, Geography, German, GRE, History, Japanese, Law, Morse Code, Mathmatics, Medical School, Pilot Training, Psychology, Russian, SAT, Sign Language, Spanish, Spelling, Sports, Vietnamese.

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