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Who is Side-Eight Software?

Side-Eight was started by Wood Harter in 1992. Wood's father (Bill Harter) started helping out at trade shows and has been running the phones for the past five years. We're the only ones here and like to think we treat all our customers with personal care. If you have a technical problem, an ordering problem, or just have questions, we're the ones who answer. That's right, when you ask for help, the person who programmed Memorize-It will answer your question directly. The best way to get answers to questions is through e-mail ( You can call, but we would rather you used e-mail. Either way, you'll get personal service.


W. Wood Harter
Web Design

I originally programmed Memorize-It while living in Germany from 1989-1992. In college I developed a flashcard system to help me memorize paintings for art history. It didn't work all that well, because it was DOS based with no graphics. In Germany I revived the program and did a lot of work to allow me to practice German vocabulary. Using a Macintosh IIsi, the first Macintosh to offer standard sound recording, I was able to include sound on the front and back of the cards. While I became fluent in German, Memorize·It became a full featured application. When I returned to the U.S., Bill and I wrote a business plan, a manual and launched the company by attending the trade show MacFest LA in 1992. We sold nearly 50 copies in the first night. We continued to attend trade shows in the Los Angeles area. In 1994, I was talked into doing a Windows version of Memorize·It. In our first trade show with the Windows version, we sold nearly 10x the numbers. Since then the Macintosh numbers have continued to decline and we no longer support it. I love the Mac, but I don't want to spend countless hours writing software that no one uses.

I've been doing this as a side job for the past ten years and have no intention of stopping. For the near future, I will be doing this full time and answering phones. I've also got some other cool pieces of software in the works.

You can send me e-mail: (wood at

Bill Harter
Vice President
Business Manager
Moral Support
Bill is a Korean war veteran and a retired Business Manager from Hughes Aircraft. Since retirement he has been running Side-Eight and managing to stay in shape by doing Triathlons. He's completed a half-Ironman (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, and 13mi run), and many races of about half that size. In all his races, he has never failed to receive a medal (top 3 finishers) and most of the time they are gold!

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