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In 2003, we discontinued Memorize·It for Macintosh. It is a sad statement to make seeing as our first released version of Memorize·It was on the Macintosh platform. I love the Mac and would like to continue writing applications for it. The problem has been that less than one percent of our sales are on Macintosh. I would love to hear a strong argument against discontinuing this product, but basically, it came down to how much time one programmer can spend and if I would even recoup the costs of purchasing the hardware necessary to make a new version.

I'm open for ideas here, but the basic sales numbers are all I needed to make this decision.

If you would like to discuss this, please feel free to send me e-mail: wood (at) (If I put the @ sign in there I would get many more than the 100+ spam messages I already get per day.)


W. Wood Harter
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