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This is our current FAQ (Frequenly Asked Questions) and below it is contact information if you need further assistance.

Does Memorize·It support multi-byte character sets?

At this time, Memorize·It does not support multi byte fonts. These are pictographic fonts like Chinese and Japanese. The process of creating an application that supports these multi byte fonts is like creating a whole new version of the program. Sometimes it may mean a new version for each language. We just don't have the resources, or receive enough requests to make this commitment. Our simple solution to this problem has been to create pictures of the characters and paste them onto the cards as images.

I'm having trouble Importing lists of cards, what am I doing wrong?

We've put together some more detail on this in a howto section of the website. You should also read the manual which describes exactly how to format a list of flashcards for importing. I've also put together some sample files: Sample Text Import and Sample RTF Import.

If you are just using simple words and one line answers then Text Import and WordPad are your best weapon. Just put each card on a single line with three elements (title,front,back) separated by tabs. Memorize·It assumes that each card is on a single line.

If the cards you would like to import have multi-line text and font changes (bold, italic, size), then RTF is your best choice. Each card in an RTF file is separated by keys (#ti, #fr, #ba,...). The three shown are (title, front,back). The text following the tag is going to be used for that section of the current card. When you enter a second title, front, or back, a new card is automatically created. With RTF format you can also enter card categories.

If you are still having trouble, please feel free to send us the file to We will keep it in strictest confidence and delete it when we are through. Typically it's very simple for us to see the problem and send it back to you fixed with an explanation.

When I print my decks, why is the text outside the edges of the card?

This is typically caused by using a font which is not scalable. Try using Arial for your cards and printing them again.

When my cards print, why is the text is so small I can't possibly read it?

When printing, Memorize·It scales the card to fit onto the printed card. If you have a large monitor and maximize the card edit window and placed a tiny bit of text in the center of that large window, when the card is scaled down to fit on the printed card, the text will be microscopic. The solution to this is to make your cards a reasonable size, enough to fit what you need on them.

Can I just print a small selection of the cards in my deck, without printing the whole deck?

Not directly, but it's easy to fix. Just select the cards you want to print by control or shift clicking in the Deck List Window. Then Edit/Copy those cards to the clipboard. Next create a new deck (File/New) and paste those cards into the new deck. Print that new deck, and close the deck without saving. You've just printed exactly the cards you wanted, without printing the entire deck.

When I Quiz Hard the cards with 100% still show up, why?

Memorize-It includes a "minimum quiz" feature to force you to see a card a set number of times in case you get it correct accidentally the first time.  You can change this number.

Select File/Preferences and change the "Minimum number of quizzes per card" to zero.

Contact Information

If you need assistance, the fastest way is to send e-mail to This is a small company and we take your problems very seriously. The person who programmed Memorize·It (Wood Harter) will be the one answering your questions. If you do have to call make sure you leave a message if we're not there. In either case I will work until we have a solution to your problem, a workaround, or I offer you a full refund. The reason e-mail works faster for support is that I do travel and many times check my e-mail more than I check my voice mail.

#1 - Email support:

#2 - The number to call for support is: 714-892-0770

I will try to call you back during normal business hours. Please leave an e-mail address just in case I have trouble with the number. You would probably not believe the number of times I have had trouble with multiple busy signals, caller id blocking or just calling a phone that rings and rings. I will call, but give me an e-mail address where I can reach you incase there are problems with the phones. Also, it is typically impossible to help if your phone is not near your computer.

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